New York Subway Map

Discovering New York by subway is by far the fastest, easiest and most affordable mode of transportation. And, if you really don’t feel like walking, most of the subway stations have buses right at your disposal which a free of charge when you use the subway. The transfers are always free if you transfer within 2 hours of initial check in.

Purchasing a New York Subway pass is very easy and can be done at one of the various counters or at self-services ticket machines. You can pay by card and cash. Not all subways stations have such ticket counter, which are marked with a “red ball” above the station’s entrance. You already need a ticket to actually enter such a subway station. When the station’s entrance is marked with a “green ball” you can enter without a subway ticket and purchase the ticket you need right there before you make your way to the tracks.

When you check in, always be sure this is the right track you are checking in for. This is somewhat unclear sometimes and once you’ve checked in for the wrong track or direction, you cannot have a refund. So, be sure to always check the New York subway map before you check in.

New York subway map

New York City Subway Summary

  • Largest metro in the world: 472 stations
  • Free transfer within 2 hours of check in
  • The metro tickets can also be used for buses.
  • Always make sure you check in for the correct line or direction
  • If you don’t like standing, make sure you avoid the rush hours
  • NYC subway is safe, however keep your belongings close to to avoid pick-pocketing


  • Not all stations are accessible for wheelchairs or disabled persons!
  • Find here all the stations and the access locations for wheelchairs
  • Also make sure you can get out of the arrival station
  • Some stations have access to toilets, see here
  • There are about 14 bus-subway transfer stations, here’s a list

Subway Tourist Information

  • Except for Alice Island and the Statue of Liberty all tourist attractions and sights are easy to visit by the NYC subway
  • Because the NYC subway has so much history, there are also many great subway stations to check out for tourists. Really worth checking out!
  • There are many great tours throughout New York City by subway who take you the best tourist attractions
  • Some travel tips for making the most out of your subway-card
New York City Subway Map